Equations and inequalities

The following is a list of all the topics from the section on equations and inequalities. Equation — analytical entry task finding arguments at which two given functions are equal. Inequality — a statement that two mathematical objects are different, i.e. not equal to each other.

  1. Equations with one variable, the range of permissible values equation
  2. Inequalities with one variable inequalities DHS
  3. Diagram solving equations, change of variables
  4. Solving inequalities, interval methods
  5. Systems of equations solving systems of linear equations
  6. Systems of inequalities, solving systems of linear inequalities
  7. Linear equations and inequalities
  8. The quadratic equation, the theorem of vieta
  9. Square inequalities
  10. Fractional equations, how razvesti fractional equation
  11. Fractional inequality, as razvesti fractional inequalities
  12. Equations and inequalities with modules, the geometric meaning of the module
  13. Irrational equations
  14. Irrational inequalities
  15. Exponential equations
  16. Exponential inequalities
  17. Pokaznikiv-exponential equations
  18. Logarithmic equations
  19. Logarithmic inequality
  20. System of linear equations