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For any type of business it is important to regularly improve and test your product. Perhaps someone thinks that the work of a specialist who checks the quality, rather boring, but it's not. Testers are present at all stages of development, from design to testing. Therefore, courses of study QA/QC the most popular on the market.

QA by a means ensuring the quality of the product. Specialists in this field develop a variety of tactics that enhance the quality, review existing standards, to choose the optimal tools for the job and prevent possible errors. QC is part of QA and is more narrow specialization. The main goal is the analysis of the results, search and elimination of errors.

Testers can be of different specializations: to test the performance, security or usability, to specialize in automatic or manual testing. Such employees may possess professional skills (test analysts, managers) and may not have experience in this field (junior), so a training course is important for all people.

Our school offers advanced courses in QA/QC. To meet the needs of students, we have developed several in-demand areas:

  1. A comprehensive course, the duration of which is 2 to 3 months. The total number of hours reaches 128. The group is composed of minimum number of students (10-14 people), so that the material is absorbed very well and quickly. The cost of education in this direction starts from 380$.
  2. An intensive course will last for 3 weeks. Every day provided for 4 classes. Good for those who do not live in Lviv, as in the tuition fee includes food, accommodation and leisure. The course fee is 380$. Full pre-payment discount of 30%.
  3. Automated testing. The most detailed direction with duration of 5 months. The training is conducted 2-3 times a week. The number of people in group exceeds 14 people, all classrooms are equipped, so the learning takes place with maximum comfort. The course fee is 380$, it is possible to pay by installments.

The program is designed to acquire a basic knowledge and skills. For convenience it is divided into several stages, each of which reveals new opportunities of testing. To verify the effectiveness of the courses by reading the student feedback on the page:

The profession of a software tester is sought after in the IT market, suggests the opportunity for career growth. Such specialization relevant to most companies who rely on the quality of their products. In Lviv there are several courses QA / QC, but our school offers the most extensive material, designed by experienced specialists in the field of testing. With us you will be able to unleash new opportunities and realize their full potential.

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