Workbooks for preschoolers of Fedienko: learn easy and fun

Modern publishers of educational literature for preschoolers offer a variety of writing and workbooks for the formation of elementary mathematical and calligraphic skills, memory development, thinking, attention, creativity and so on. Publishing house "School" offers to pay attention to the following series of publications for training, development and successful preparation for entry into the first grade kids of 4-5 years old: "Step to the school", "Dyvosvit", "Baby", "the Trainer 5+", "Forest school", etc. to Order them at competitive prices with discounts for regular buyers you can in the official online shop of the publishing house or buy in the shops of the city (a list of offices can be viewed on the website ID of the "School").

There are some proven tips about how to choose workbooks to session with them was easy, fun and at the same time productive. When looking at any publication, pay attention to:

  • the style of presentation of information in it overall, all the material is accessible and understandable to your child, or there are no unfamiliar words, zakladnich for understanding of tasks, examples and the like;
  • the presence or absence of additional markers, tips, tips for students and adults who participate in the educational process;
  • variety of tasks: perform the same type of exercises, of course, promotes the absorption studied, but may discourage preschoolers regularly do, because eventually he will be bored to do the same, but the alternation of different activities, different exercises, and the like on the contrary long to hold the attention and be encouraged to devote time daily to training;
  • the quality of paper, security inks, the strength of the cover and spine of the notebooks, different colours.

How to make classes interesting, useful and attractive simultaneously

The most popular workbooks for preschoolers of Fedienko Basil made given a set of features of children's perception:

  1. Material moves from simple to more complex, gradually becomes more complicated, divided into levels for children with varying degrees of training (for example, a series of "fairy Tale" from 4 years and 5 years), which is especially important during group classes in pre-school institutions or educational circles. This allows layering of knowledge, not overloading the kids new information that lays a solid Foundation for successful learning not only in the preschool period during the active preparation for school, but in the future, the lessons will contribute to the rapid neotelecom absorption of the studied and conscious perception of information.
  2. Original innovations, which transform the usual tutorials for kids with modern stylish recipes are nice to take in hand and bored of learning is another feature that distinguishes the notebook for preschoolers of Fedienko. For example, Magic page ™ is a patented method of multiple strokes, which allows for special attachments, designed to work with gel pens or markers to practice writing letters, numbers, graphic elements. In turn, this will help develop muscle memory and will impact on the formation of a neat calligraphic handwriting of a child. After working with Magic pages ™, it is sufficient to erase the already written with a damp cloth and you can work again.
  3. It is much easier to learn the required material and will quickly master new skills the child when she likes it. How to encourage preschoolers to write daily letters and graphic elements in a notebook, neatly display the numbers and punctuation "cell to cell"? The publisher offers to "engage" with their favorite characters fiction books: for example, if you and your little preschool age already reread the series "Amazing adventures in the forest school" Ukrainian children's classics Vsevolod nestayko, you are guaranteed to come in handy workbooks "Forest school": the lessons with the animals like a child and will encourage him to help count the items Bunny KOs to Wuhan city, to finish the items bear cub Misha and losened Sony, which erased an elastic band, Mr. Dark, etc.

Keep the season of preparation for school leave for you and your preschoolers the most pleasant warm memories, and the results only daily pokrasovatsya!

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