Functions and graphs

The following is a list of all of the section functions and graphs. A function in mathematics is a rule which to each element from the first set (scope) puts in correspondence one and only one element from the second set. Function graph — the curve depicting the dependence of the function from the independent variable and the ordinate — the corresponding function values.

  1. Function, scope and variety of function values
  2. The domain of the function
  3. The graph of the function
  4. Even functions, odd functions
  5. Properties of functions
  6. Increasing functions, decreasing functions
  7. The continuity of the function
  8. The periodicity of the function
  9. Reverse function
  10. The asymptotes of the graph of a function
  11. Elementary transformations the graph of a function
  12. Linear function, graph of a linear function
  13. Linear-fractional function
  14. Quadratic function, graph quadratic functions
  15. Root function, the graph of the function root
  16. The power function
  17. Exponential function graph exponential functions
  18. Logarithmic function, graph of logarithmic function