Function, scope and variety of function values

Definition: Dependence of a variable from a variable is called a functionif each value corresponds to a single value .

A function is identified by either a single letter , (or ), or equality .

Definition: a Numeric function with a domain of definition is the relationship in which each number from the set is assigned a single number , which of course affects .

Terms: independent variable, or argument, independent variable, or function, —the value of the function at the point

The domain of the function

Definition: the domain of the function — the set of values that can take the argument.

Example of finding the area of a function definition

Scope (S): that is

Many of the function values

Definition: the set of function values the set of values that can take the function at all values of the argument from scope (it is all values >m>aunder which the equation has a junction).

Example of finding the set of values of the function

Number of values: since for all and takes all values from 0 to

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