Why choose QA Logos Academy?

The future for information technology. In the era of Internet people have the opportunity not only to browse the pages in social networks, but also to make money doing interesting and useful work. Profession QC/QA engineer provides just such an opportunity.

What is its prospect?

The largest IT-companies are interested in finding qualified testers, specialists in the labor market are many, and worthy contenders units. Therefore, it is important to seize the moment and develop in this sector to take its rightful place among highly paid professionals. 1800$ per month – the average salary of junior QC/QA-engineer in Ukraine, and this is in addition to a flexible schedule and comfortable working conditions offered to its employees of Ukrainian and foreign IT companies. For advanced testers have the option of moving to other countries for cooperation with large foreign companies.

Why choose QA Logos Academy?

  • If you are a beginner in the IT field who have attempted to study the basics of testing, however, to deal with unresolved issues or lack of motivation, this course is for you.
  • If you are tired of your job and you are trying to find interesting activities with a decent earnings, this course is for you.
  • If you are a student who wants fast growth and high salaries, this course is for you.

Educational platform QA Logos Academy offers a fundamental base in the field of testing, with which you can become a part of the world IT already three months. We offer a full course on your chosen remote or stationary form of training. During the 92-day course you will receive:

  • access to personal account with the necessary lessons with quality teoretyczny background and practical homework. By the way, access to the personal Cabinet will have no validity after the end of the course you will be able to return to it at any time.
  • constant feedback from experts, opportunity to ask questions that interest you during the weekly live consultation in group format.
  • a new circle of like-minded people, whose number is 7000 people;
  • the opportunity to create a portfolio with your own work, which you will be able to present future employers;
  • a system of rewards for academic success and endless motivation.
  • The full stack of technologies to start working in the field of IT

Your instructors will be experienced professionals in the field of information technologies and testing, which already have experience with IT companies such as Soft Serve, Vakoms, Aconex System. They will become your friends and guides will share their experience and give valuable advice.

The main issue for testers beginners remains employment. After completing the course in the direction of the qc/qa engineer summary the best students will be sent to 200 IT companies. For his achievement, each successful student will receive not only valuable knowledge on the perfection rozloucenou program, but the diploma of international standard and guarantee internships and job placement.

Do not delay your time, learn the profession of the future in Logos Academy QA now.

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