5 tips to programmers for a successful interview

Here's some advice for it employees who are going for an interview for the employer of your dreams is subjective advice, which are derived from experience and conversations with employees of sector of research and development (research and development).

1. Take care of your client

3 minutes is the effect of first impressions. Moreover, the first few seconds are accompanied by a subconscious evaluation of a person. Neat appearance, firm handshake, clear presentation are the key elements that you should pay attention to. If you are applying for a managerial position, you don't need to wear a suit. However, there will be a jacket and / or shirt without a tie and smart trousers. Thus, you Express your respect for the other person and the future workplace. It is worth remembering that the question of clothing depends on the place to which you are applying. Sometimes apply to small start-UPS enough for a Polo shirt and jeans aesthetic - unless it is a company that implements major government or Bank projects.

2. Allow yourself to decipher and adapt your language to the recipient

During the conversation, the future programmer would hear a question about completed projects. Instead of talking about how you wrote the program, focus on the effects. Recruiters are often people who have only superficial knowledge about it. Instead of talking about technical details, let's say that you created the application, which helped, for example, thousands of drivers. Of course, it is necessary to tell, what tools and technologies you used to accomplish the given task, but don't go into the details. Because of this you will better understand and therefore better remembered.

3. Show which languages you speak

In this case we are not talking about foreign languages (unless required for recruitment), and in programming languages. If you can program in one language, such as Java, tell him that you are the best in all languages. It is also worth mentioning that you are studying another language, even if you are only at the initial stage. For a recruiter this is a sign that you are ambitious and apt to learn.

4. Carefully analyze the advertisement

Before said, think of hypothetical questions that ask the recruiter. To do this, analyze the advertising often requirements you will find a hint and suggestions in which direction it is cooking. Questions can also: depend on the position for which you are applying. If you want to become a programmer C / C ++, Java, C #, prepare yourself with algorithms and data structures, design patterns and multithreading. However, applying for the position of programmer an external interface, practice questions related to JavaScript, CSS and HTML. If you already have extensive programming experience, think about what problems might surprise you. The better prepared you are, the more confidence you will feel in the interview.

5. Prepare a portfolio

A well-prepared portfolio is a point-to-point in the recruitment process. Sometimes it might even affect the final decision of employment.

Elzbieta Lehmann Cloud Surge believes that it can be prepared in the form of a traditional document, like a presentation or in a more creative form, even on the web-site or even app. It should include items such as: short presentation of the candidate and his best works and projects. An interesting example would be showing the development of the candidate based on the tasks that it performs, and showing them in the scheme: what was the problem as it was solved and what were the results.

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