Numbers and expressions

The following is a list of all those with a section number and expression. The number is one of the main objects of mathematics used for counting, measuring and labeling. Algebraic expression is a finite combination of symbols grammatically correct on the rules applicable in the current context. Symbols can denote constants, variables, operations, relationship, or can enter punctuation or other syntactic entities.

  1. Divisibility of integers, divisibility rules
  2. Prime and composite numbers Prime factors
  3. The greatest common divisor and least common multiple
  4. Interest, the percentage of the number
  5. Real numbers, numerical sets
  6. The proportions and relations, direct and inverse proportionality
  7. Module number and module properties
  8. Arithmetic and geometric
  9. Algebraic expressions a single term and a polynomial
  10. Formulas of reduced multiplication
  11. Polynomial. Division of polynomial by polynomial
  12. Vieta's formula and the roots of the polynomial
  13. The degree properties degree
  14. The root of n-th degree, the properties of the roots of the nth degree
  15. The logarithm of a number, properties of logarithms
  16. A sequence of numbers, the method of mathematical induction
  17. Arithmetic progression sum of arithmetic progression
  18. Geometric progression, sum of geometric progression