Self-study of mathematics with Cubens

Cubens is the best educational portal for independent and remote study of mathematics. Cubens contains convenient mathematical handbook, where all the topics are organized into sections, which include elementary, school and higher mathematics.

Distance learning

Training materials on Cubens will be useful for pupils, students and teachers. Cubens created to assist in solving mathematical problems and study, contains all the necessary theory, calculators, tables and formulas for training in universities, academies and colleges online.

Background and theoretical material on Cubens maximally systematic and contain simple and clear examples for remote learning and training math.

Mathematics and education

Mathematics has emerged as one of the areas of search for the truth, for the practical needs of man: to calculate, to measure, to explore. Mathematics sometimes operates a fairly complex concepts that are not always clear. So, using Cubens you can forget about the question: "How to study math?".

The school studied elementary mathematics — arithmetic, functions, algebra. Universities — higher mathematics: differential, integral calculus, topology, theory of operators and everything else that is not included in elementary mathematics. Cubens includes areas of elementary and higher mathematics topics: numbers and expressions, equations and inequalities, geometry, trigonometry, functions and graphs, algebra and beginning analysis, combinatorics, and others.

Together with Cubens

With us you can get any educational information that you need to achieve results in school and later success in life. There is no ready homework for life. What will you do after finishing school? So do not lose your time and devote it to learning.

In the near future Cubens will appear in all subjects, such as biology, geography, history, chemistry, physics, literature. you no longer have to search for information on a terrible and uncomfortable websites, you will know now where to go if something is forgotten, and we will always be in your bookmarks.

And always remember: "Knowledge is power". Be strong with Cubens!