Table cubes

A cube number is the number raised to the third degree. "The cube" is called, because this operation is similar to the calculation of the volume of a cube. The table shows values for cubes of natural numbers from 1 to 100.

For example, a cube number is the product of three numbers, each equal to . Cube numbers read as in Cuba.

The same product of several natural numbers is called the degree of that number. If you have a product of n factors each equal to a, then such an expression is called a degree n.

Please note! Any degree units equal to the unit.

In table cubein natural numbers the number represented by the tens, as in the multiplication table. In the first box you will find the squares of the digits to inclusive. This is a table of squares up to. In the remaining columns represent the squares of two-digit numbers to .

Degree for any number of shows that this number is multiplied by itself twice. Any negative number in degree gives a negative result, because two negatives multiplied make a positive, and again when megen by a negative number we get again a negative number. So the above table is also a table of cubes of integers.

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