Exponential function graph exponential functions

Definition: Pokaznikiv function is a function of the form where

Properties of exponential functions

  1. Scope
  2. Multiple value
  3. Parity, odd parity
  4. The function is neither even nor odd

  5. The intersection with the coordinate axes
  6. Of intersection with the axis of the no ( at )

  7. Continuity and derivative
  8. The function is continuous and diferencian in the whole scope

  9. The intervals of constancy of sign
  10. For all

  11. The increase and decrease of
  12. Extrema no

    in — growing

    when it comes

  13. Asymptotes
  14. Video — horizontal asymptote

    Functions and mutually inverse functions, so the Graphs are symmetric with respect to the line

Graphs of exponential functions

Показникова функція

Показникова функція

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