Module number and module properties

The module definition

Definition: a Module is a positive number called the number, modulus of a negative number is a number, its opposite, module zero is zero.

Examples of location module

The geometric meaning of the module

Set cut .

Definition: On the coordinate axis module is the distance from the origin to the point representing the given number.

Definition: the absolute difference of two numbers i is the distance between points and on the coordinate axis.

Module properties

  1. (Modulus of any number is non — negative)
  2. (Modules of opposite numbers are equal)
  3. (The amount doesn't exceed the size of the module)
  4. (Module works dorwn the product of the moduli of the factors)
  5. (A unit fraction is equal to the modulus of the numerator divided by the module of the denominator (if the denominator is not zero))
  6. (Module does not exceed the amount of the sum of absolute terms)
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