Table of derivatives of elementary functions, derivative of a function

Table of derivativecomputing the derivative, which in turn is the most important operation in differential calculus. Therefore, using the table of derivatives you will be able to quickly solve any problem.

Definition: the Derivative of the function at the point is called the limit of the ratio of the increment function at the point the increment of the argument, when the increment of the argument tends to zero (can be designated prime or

General differentiation formula

Data in the above formulas, u and v are arbitrary differentiable functions and c is a constant. Formulas of differentiation, given below, is sufficient to differentiate any elementary function.

(derivative of a constant number)

(derived amount)

(derivative works)

(the derived share)

Table of derivatives of elementary functions

Derivative of constants


The derivative of the exponential function

Derivative of exponential functions

The derivative of the exponent

The derivative of the logarithm

Derivative of the natural logarithm

Derivative of cosine

Derivative of sine

Derivative of tangent

Derivative of cotangent

Derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions

Derivatives of hyperbolic functions

Can find the derivative of complex functions

Or to find the second derivative

Or is better to understand what is a derivative?

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